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I’ll Answer more questions tomorrow

If you don’t want your questions to be public, just tell me in the question okays!! I got a bunch so sorry If I didn’t get to yours this time around ; __ ; I will eventually so don’t worry :3

I just randomly had a post of yours show up on my dash. You are a legit queen and wow I am following now~


Hola! I luv ur blog ^^..I read that u are getting a new job, I'm curious, do u do casual gyaru makeup at work or none at all?

It depends what time I have to go to work, sometimes I leave at 4am, and others not till 11am, but I usually keep it simple and basic because its coming right off my face when I get home xD




those are like my daily routines basically lmao, especially since I bought a car recently. 

Have you been in Shibuya recently? I feel like I saw someone that looked like you right by shibuya109 the other day but I was so stunned by how gorgeous they were so I was too shy to look too much so I'm not super sure if it was you ;3;

I WISH I WAS IN SHIBUYA!!! (Im saving up for a trip) Now when I go, I’m going to be on the look out for my evil twin, thanks for the heads up lol jkjk but thats awesome, Im 100% Im not a pretty as those girls ; ___ ; So you will be able to look me so dead in the eyes you can see my future lol

Hi, I randomly came across your blog and just needed to tell you how seriously gorgeous you are! :)

thank you sooooooooooo much !!!!! It’s funny when I get comments like these now because I use to get made fun of in middle school and high school lmao.The same things I’m popular for now,

I aint even mad though xD 

Your face !!!! How do you keep it so clear and smooth, I have a some discoloration from acme it sucx butts

I have sensitive skin (and I also get pimples sometimes cause Im human lol) I use “olay foaming face wash:sensitive” and along with that “olay facial wipes:sensitive” they are both in same line of brand. when I wash my face, instead of a towel drying, I use the wipe to wipe off any excess dirt/dry my face, and let my face air dry for a minute. Then I use aveeno creamy moisturizing oil (the beige and pink bottle) for lotion and I do that every day. Say I do get a pimple the night before, After I wash my face, I would use “Proactive’s refining clay mask” on the bump only, and let it dry up through the night, in the morning it will be significantly smaller or practically gone depending on size. Thats pretty much all I do xD, nothing too special. OH! and please remember to wash pillows/covers/hair regularly, that plays a huge roll as well. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this >.< Its just a question I get asked a lot!!! 

Hey Gals and guys !

So I FINALLY have some time and I am going to be answering a ton of inbox messages, so if you have any questions, its now or never lol. If I dont get to yours this time around, don’t worry, I will….eventually xD… there’s so many xD… I might have to update my FAQ (need 2) because there a lot of similar questions as well, thats is all peeps :3